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This is the official tumblelog for the Ahmed and Ingarman Show.

I am Ahmed, an Arsenal fan with a serious fetish for Hamburgers.

He is Ingarman, a supporter of Manchester United who might've smuggled stolen cheese into my refrigerator.

We're bringing out the most out of the English Premier League and World Football from our distinct perspectives.

From Montreal. With Words. Enjoy.
~ Tuesday, May 28 ~


Reds duo take the mic

The Reds’ new weekly email newsletter, United Uncovered, recruited two special commentators to describe some of the best goals of 2012/13.

Jonny Evans and Danny Welbeck both helped contribute to some memorable moments on the pitch in the 20th title-winning season, moments often defined by the men with microphones in the commentary box - but we wanted to turn the tables and ask Jonny and Danny to describe some of their own, and United’s, best goals of the campaign. And, we must admit, they were pretty good at it.

United Uncovered is your weekly email from the club, the players and the fans. Sent every Friday, it contains exclusive videos, interviews, features and infographics and gives the reader exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Carrington and Old Trafford. We want fans to help create the content as well, so look out for opportunities for you to get involved.

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Shit just got real @Wembley

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~ Tuesday, May 21 ~

Manchester City’s new kit is a complete joke! I’ve never seen such plainness and lack of originality, but then again city are a bunch of wannabe’s. If i was a citeh fan I’d be utterly disappointed by this. 

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~ Monday, May 6 ~


Take two takes the Montréal Impact closer to its identity

By Matthieu Labaudinière, a French Bostonian based in Montréal. Quotes collected by Eric Beard.

“This is a cosmopolitan city, a much more European city than most North American cities… we are playing in a way that’s more similar to what people would like to have, looking more like Europe. I think [Impact] Montréal is reflecting a lot about what Montréal is. The team is reflected also because we are [composed of] Americans, Canadians, Europeans. Hopefully we can continue to represent Montréal very well.” - Patrice Bernier, a Québécois midfielder for the Montréal Impact.


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Operation Cantona

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~ Saturday, March 30 ~
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~ Sunday, March 17 ~

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